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Why a Taggies blanket is more than just a security blanket for your baby

The idea for Taggies came from two moms who noticed how much their little ones loved to fiddle with or rub the satin edges of blankets and the tags on toys and clothes. The little ones do this for their comfort and peace of mind and when they are falling asleep. They also do it as part of the way they explore the world around them, sensing new textures and shapes. Most of us are familiar with perhaps the most famous little person to have a ‘security blanket’: Linus from the ‘Peanuts’ cartoons.

Scientific studies have shown that children who have such a “security blanket” can use it as a “confidence booster.” It allows them to be more confident in new situations, such as starting nursery or kindergarten. This psychological benefit is widely known and is certainly tied to my own experience as a mom and grandma!

There is now a very wide range of Taggies products on the market. Little Taggies blankets are perhaps my favorite for a little one. Each blanket is 12″ square and has twenty different labels sewn around the edges. All labeled blankets are wonderfully soft and comforting next to baby’s skin and also wash and dry quickly.

I also love the range called ‘Take A Long Taggies’. These are cleverly designed with a teething ring that doubles as a clip to attach the toy to the stroller or car seat. There are also large blankets with taggies and a whole range of toys that have squeaks or rattles inside. My favorite has to be the elephant which is so much fun!

A Taggies blanket or toy makes a wonderful gift for a newborn. It’s nice to think that a little gift like that could be so special to a little one and the thing he snuggles up to every night. I found the whole range of Taggies online at great prices so they’re easy to find and lightweight so postage isn’t expensive.

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