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When marketing an e-book, it is advisable to use the introduction as a sales tool

Too often, eBook writers and marketers forget that the Introduction to the eBook is usually available for viewing by the online reader who is interested in purchasing the book. Therefore, it should be used not only as an “intro” but also as a marketing message to the buyer. Over the years, I have helped many authors prepare their forewords, introductions, prefaces, and author bio pages. I’ve also helped ebook authors edit their ebooks and helped them put together an award-winning title and compelling table of contents. It matters.

Okay, let’s talk about how to write an introduction. For my example, I will use an e-book on addiction, dependence, and substance abuse. This sample is more suitable for a non-fiction or self-help e-book. Read this Introduction below and see if you can see how this page can help you sell more ebooks online.

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For the past several years, we have struggled with the opioid/fentanyl crisis in the United States. Of course, as our history shows, Americans have always struggled with addiction and dependency. We have dealt with opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Nothing about the current crisis exacerbated by the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown surprises dependency professionals and addiction experts. After all, when people lose their jobs or get stressed out, substance abuse skyrockets.

It’s amazing how much time we spend in school studying various subjects, but something as serious as addiction in our society gets little mention unless one is majoring in social services, psychology, or pursuing a career in health care.

After writing research for some residential dependency treatment facilities, I quickly realized that there is much more to know on the subject. I discovered that much of what I thought I knew was only partially correct and that there was much more to the story.

I thought back to my high school and college days and all the friends I had and how their paths got sidetracked due to substance abuse, addiction and alcoholism. Some recovered from their poor decisions to party and carry on, but many did not. We’ve all had friends like that, maybe we understood their pain, maybe not.

Addiction is serious business, it is not as easy to quit as we think. The alcohol, drugs, and chemicals we ingest can rewire our brains, making quitting extremely difficult and even harmful to your health.

I wrote this ebook for anyone who has an addiction problem or who has a close friend or relative who suffers from dependency. It’s also a good start for anyone in the healthcare industry or thinking of working in the dependency treatment field.

This eBook would be helpful to parents, teachers, employers, and others concerned about this growing problem. You see, addiction and dependency affects everyone and every family in some way, as it affects the people we know and love, do business with, or trust. It is important to understand the signs, the causes and to know what to do about it in order to help our friends and family.

I want to thank you for purchasing this e-book. I enjoyed the 100 hours of study and research I put into learning about substance abuse and dependency for our online Think Tank. It occurred to me that others might also find this information valuable. Therefore, I condensed the topic into small, thoroughly researched, footnoted articles. I then compiled them into an e-book format and added this e-book to my collection of author works.

If you are someone who loves to learn new things, I invite you to check out the other e-books I have written on a variety of esoteric topics to further feed your brain with relevant information to help you better understand human endeavor in all its complexities. . . Thank you again for your confidence in purchasing this e-book.

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Now try writing one yourself. Just come up with a topic and work to make the introduction engaging and conversational. Read it out loud. Sound like you’re talking to someone? Yes it does, and it sounds convincing and sincere. You have done well. Please consider this.

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