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When It’s Time for a Water Heater Repair?

Time for a Water Heater Repair

While regular maintenance can help extend the life of a water heater, at a certain point, it’s better to spend your money on a new unit than to continue paying for repairs on an old one. If you find yourself settling for less than hot showers, or your hot water runs out entirely, it’s probably time to call in the pros for a replacement.

Having a working, efficient water heater is one of the most important home appliances you’ll use. It allows you to get a good night’s sleep knowing that your family will be able to enjoy hot water for bathing and washing dishes, cooking, laundry, and more. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time to keep up with the proper maintenance required to prolong the life of our water heater repair. As a result, it’s common for many homeowners to discover that their water heater is starting to wear out before they realize it’s time to make the switch.

A corroded water heater tank is a clear sign that you’re going to need a new unit. You’ll be able to tell because you will see a reddish tint in your showers and faucet water. This rusting typically occurs after the sacrificial anode rod has worn out. When this happens, the water will then pick up the rust and corrode the interior of the tank.

When It’s Time for a Water Heater Repair?

Another telltale sign is when you notice a pool of rusty water under the heater. This is a sign that your water heater has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. The rust is caused by the steel tanks corroding, which could lead to a leak.

The final and most obvious sign is when your water heater starts to have trouble heating water. This will usually occur because the sediment buildup has started to reduce its efficiency, causing it to work harder to heat water. It might also be the result of a failing heating element, which would require an expensive repair.

If you notice that your water heater is exhibiting any of the signs listed above, it’s best to have the unit replaced as soon as possible. The cost of a new water heater will be much more affordable than continuing to pay for expensive repairs on an older unit.

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