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What should I do if my car’s AC stops working after using a recharge kit?

car’s AC stops working after using a recharge kit

Your car’s air conditioning system uses a chemical called refrigerant that absorbs and disperses heat from the interior of your vehicle. Over time, this refrigerant will leak out of the system if not maintained correctly. This will result in low refrigerant pressure, which can cause your AC to stop working properly. Some drivers choose to buy a manual recharge kit in order to add refrigerant and fix their problem themselves. While these kits may be tempting, they are not the best way to fix your AC problems.

DIY recharging doesn’t remove the old refrigerant – Your AC needs a complete system evacuation and recharge before adding new refrigerant. A professional technician will empty the system, vacuum out any contaminants, and then evacuate the system again before refilling it with fresh refrigerant. A manual recharge kit can leave the old refrigerant and moisture in the system, which can damage components such as the compressor and condenser.

Recharging without removing the old car ac recharge kit can also create acidic substances that will damage your compressor and condenser. This can lead to additional problems that could cost you more money in repairs.

What should I do if my car’s AC stops working after using a recharge kit?

Leaking refrigerant is an environmental hazard – The old type of refrigerant used in the AC, known as Freon, depletes our planet’s protective ozone layer. A leaking AC system can release this chemical into the atmosphere for years before it is discovered and repaired. Adding more refrigerant to a leaking system will simply allow the harmful chemicals to continue escaping into the environment.

Mechanics use dye in the system – Refrigerant contains a colorant that is mixed into the refrigerant to identify it when it leaks out of the system. This helps mechanics find the source of the leak and repair it so that your AC will work properly again. A DIY kit will not contain this colorant, so it is difficult to know if you are installing the correct amount of refrigerant into your system.

A faulty evaporator can prevent the AC system from turning on – The evaporator is a part of the air conditioner that is responsible for converting liquid refrigerant into a gas and cooling the air in your vehicle. If this part is clogged or damaged, it will prevent your car’s air conditioner from functioning. A professional technician can inspect and clean the evaporator to see if that is the cause of your AC malfunction.

A professional technician can check your air conditioner for any other issues that might be causing it to malfunction. If you have an AC leak or any other problem, they can perform a diagnostic test to determine the issue and recommend the appropriate repair. Baggett technicians are happy to explain all of your options and provide our expert opinion as to what option will be the best fit for your situation. Call us today to schedule your appointment! We look forward to helping you keep your car cool this summer.

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