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The Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

What is Windows VPS Hosting and who is it good for?

For those who are new to the concept of using the Windows operating system on your virtual private server, here is a list of benefits that you are sure to enjoy. Basically, Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is a type of managed hosting where the operating system used for the server is Windows. While most public and private servers use Linux, entrepreneurs claim that Windows is easier to use and often updates automatically, making it easier to manage your server. Also, you can share responsibilities with your hosting provider when it comes to maintaining your server. This advantage often comes with most managed VPS hosting packages.

Windows Virtual Private Servers are a highly recommended solution for entrepreneurs running an eCommerce website. Although you can use Linux-based systems for the same purpose, the convenience of setting up your eCommerce website on a Windows server is something Linux systems don’t have.

Also, people who run websites that are heavy on graphics and information and demand more disk space, bandwidth, and support will find Windows server hosting packages more affordable.

The features of Windows VPS hosting

Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is known for being affordable and easy to use, even non-programmers can easily handle this system. For small businesses or new entrepreneurs, investing in a Windows server is a very good investment. Even if you decide to upgrade or buy another Windows hosting plan later, the costs will still be a fraction of what you’d probably spend on a high-end hosting package.

Being a managed VPS package, you are not alone when it comes to maintaining your system. Your hosting provider will be with you every step of the way, 24/7 to provide much-needed technical support. In addition to active technical support, Windows hosting is also prone to automatically updating itself whenever development is done. This means you don’t have to worry about manually tuning your server every time updates are available.

Finally, most Windows hosts offer starter tools that you can use to build your website. Startup tools are very useful, even programmers use them to make their tasks easier. Whether you have extensive knowledge of how to set up a website and maintain it or not, you will surely find these one-click installation tools useful.

Why not Linux?

Linux is best for people who know how to manually program, build, maintain, and tune their servers without relying on 24/7 technical support. If you are just starting out online and would like to slowly but surely build your online presence, go for Windows VPS Hosting.

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