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Pamper yourself with a safari in Kenya

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you want a fantastic and unique vacation getaway? Let me give you some tips that you will surely appreciate. Many of us are busy working 8 hours (sometimes even more than 10 hours) a day, 5 days a week. There comes a point where you can feel really exhausted. Everyone deserves to play sometime, right? So while searching for vacation packages on the net, I found some pretty ordinary and unexciting travel ideas, but I found others that just seem wonderful.

If you have been longing for an unforgettable and unique adventure, why not try Africa? So when browsing the internet for safaris and other African travel packages, you will notice that most of the sites focus on safaris in Kenya. Being so intrigued to embark on an African adventure, I looked at many different travel packages.

The first to be explored was a 14-day Kenya Travel Explorer package. You will land in Nairobi (the capital of Kenya), which is quite impressive for the beauty and exotic nature of the place. The first stop on the trip is at a tree lodge located on Mt. Aberdares, where you will be able to observe the different sizes of waterholes, inhabited by different types of exotic animals such as giraffes, rhinos, antelopes and warthogs. The next day you can have the most exciting experience of standing on the equator!

Imagine standing in front of something you only see on globes in history class! You can then drive to Lake Naruru where you can see thousands of pink flamingos and other wildlife such as lions and hippos. After that, you will head to the famous Maasai Mara game reserve where you can see cheetahs and other wildlife such as hyenas and elephants. But the most exciting thing is when you can eat in a carnivorous restaurant. This is where they serve roasts of zebra, ostrich, and other game available in the park. It really does seem like an adventure you wouldn’t dare to forget, and you’ll most likely come back for more.

Although examining just one Kenya Safari, discovering some of the other Safari destinations found online was very exciting. Investigating you will find other best safaris in Kenya and you will see that there are Wildlife and Beach Safaris in Kenya of 11 days, whose itinerary includes a few days of sun and beach in Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In addition, you will find what is called 12 days of Kenya’s Finest, this package includes flying through the Great Rift Valley and meeting the proud Maasai warriors, the most famous ethnic tribes in Kenya.

Last but not least, there is the 15-day Kenya and Tanzania treasures, which seems to be one of the biggest safaris of all with the longest itinerary. This includes trips in the Serengeti National Park, the most famous wildlife park in Tanzania. This is where you could go on a wild balloon safari and Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. The itinerary also includes tours of the Amboseli National Park on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, and the Nairobi National Museum and Snake Park. It may be hard for you to decide, as Africa has many places of interest and beauty, but you will surely have the adventure of a lifetime on an African safari.

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