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How To Play Mine Sweeper And Win – Tips For Mine Sweeper Maniacs

Mine Sweeper is the classic computer that is almost present in all versions of Microsoft Windows. The basic objective of the game is to find out how many of the square are mines. Squares that are not mines are blank or indicate the sign of adjacent bombs. When all the mines are marked in the correct way, you will win the game. The owner of Windows desktop computers can use a specific code to mark all the bombs in record time.

When the game starts, you can start from the beginner level by randomly clicking on the blank gray squares. You will discover many blank squares bordered by number squares. This Mine Sweeper game is designed in such a way that the first click of the user will never turn out to be a mine.

Look in the blocks that have “one” written on them. The single block is touching one and only one mine that can be located directly above the block, touching corner to corner, below the block, or to the sides. When there is a block that is uncovered next to a block, it surely is a mine, so right click on it to mark it as a mine.

Play the game online with the help of the exposed number blocks as a guide. Make sure you are aware of the previously marked mines and their positions related to the number blocks. In the beginner level of the game, you can find three blocks and on the other hand, in the expert level, you will find six or seven blocks.

Click multiple times anywhere other than the grid if you can’t find the first line of numbered blocks. You will surely discover a new line and then you can start playing from there.

To remind you of some particular blocks, you can double right-click on them with your mouse, and doing this will leave a question mark so that it can remind you and you can return to the marked block later.

You can continue using the logic to mark all the mines that are present in the game level and also click on the other blank gray blocks to win the game. When you get used to the Mine Sweeper at the beginner level, after mastering that level, you can go for the intermediate level for a more difficult challenge.

To cheat in Mine Sweeper, you can open the game on your computer desktop and choose your desired level and grid size. After that, keep your mouse on the grid you are playing on, then type the letters “xyzzy” in lowercase without leaving any space between them and press “Shift” and “Enter”.

At the top left of your monitor you will see small discolored pixels. Press the cursor on any of the game grids, the small pixels will turn black. When the pixels turn white, it will be safe to click on the particular square. You can also play it on your iPhone with all other apps.

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