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Contemporary interior design ideas for a small apartment

If you have recently moved into a small apartment and would like to create a living space that is attractive, original and interesting, it may be worth investigating contemporary interior design ideas. Often described as clean-lined, this modern style emphasizes function at the expense of excessive ornamentation.

Although naysayers claim that contemporary approaches to interior design are too clinical or cold, it doesn’t always have to be that way. A well thought out plan can create a home that offers a sense of comfort and peace. If you hate the idea of ​​clutter, contemporary style may be what you are looking for.

Most interior designers who specialize in contemporary styles tend to use a lot of black and white in their work, but it is also possible to take advantage of neutral tones and accentuate features to create an inviting and welcoming environment. For example, large, bold color blocks can be used on a neutral background.

Somehow, contemporary interior decoration emphasizes the architectural structure of a property, focusing attention on the shapes of windows, walls and doors. Many interior designers who specialize in this style suggest that windows should not be ornate at all, but this can create a privacy-related issue, especially if you have a ground-floor apartment. If you are concerned about people looking through your windows, you should consider installing bamboo blinds, these can work well against minimal decor.

Texture is an important element in this type of design style, if the texture was not used in the right way, your apartment can look boring and two-dimensional. If there are too many flat surfaces, well-placed accessories, such as a jute rug or smile vase, can offer visual relief. Wood, glass, and metal accessories work best in this type of environment.

Elegant and obvious lines are an essential component of this type of decoration. When choosing furniture, it is worth looking for those products that have clean lines, do not opt ​​for designs that are curved, as this is indicative of a more classic or traditional style.

Contemporary interior decor works best in modern homes like apartments and lofts. In older buildings, you need to think carefully about whether this style will work. Context is important, try to go for a design that suits the architecture of your property.

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