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Caring for the blue crayfish

I have pet crabs. It’s a really cool hobby and maybe weird to some, but it’s definitely fun. You can see your little critters carry rocks. Jump off the ornaments in the tank, chase the fish and sometimes get lazy and bury in their hiding places. – And with two crayfish you can sometimes see them fight.

As for fighting, it can get dangerous at times. I had to learn this the hard way with my first crayfish. It was an electric blue crayfish.

Shortly after getting my first blue crawfish, I decided it was time for a second, so I bought a white crawfish.

At first everything was fine. However, there was a problem. She only had a hiding place in a ten gallon fish tank. The problem of having two crayfish and a hiding place is quite easy to solve.

Over time, my crabs started to fight a bit, but they didn’t hurt each other. Then one day they were running amok all over the tank and only taking breaks to hide for a few minutes. That’s when I decided to get another hiding place so each crab could have their own home.

I immediately went to the pet store and bought a second hide. I thought this would be a great way to cut down on crab fights.

When I returned home after getting a second hide, I was in for a surprise. Actually, it was more like a blue crime scene. Unfortunately, my white crawfish, which is mostly clean, had torn apart my electric blue crawfish and was eating it. This was a bit annoying as you could see the blue insides of my white crawfish.

So anyway, to keep your crayfish safe, below are some important crayfish care tips when you have two or more of the little critters.

keeping them fed

Crayfish often become aggressive when hungry. – Something like what people do when we’re hungry. The only difference is that we won’t, or shouldn’t, eat one of our own. Crayfish, on the other hand, seem to have no problem eating each other. So be sure to keep your crayfish fed. Hungry crayfish can equate to dead and missing fish and/or other crayfish.

separate hiding places

I’ve already talked a bit about this. Separate hiding places are very important if you have multiple crayfish. Crayfish are very territorial creatures and if you only have one hiding spot in your tank this can lead to crawfish violence. So invest in a second stash.

same species

Lastly, never mix different species of crayfish.

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