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Angry Birds defines the new trends in the world of video games

Millions of applications are created every day in the iPhone application development market, but only a few are as successful as “Angry birds”. The entertaining game that has consistently maintained its position among the best sellers is about to reach a milestone of 100 million downloads. The game “Angry birds” has become all the rage and for the creator things could not have gone better.

While speaking at the Game Developers Conference, game creator Rovio’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka said that when they set the ambitious target of 100 million downloads a year, people thought they were crazy, but now the time has come when the Finnish studio is close to achieving the target.

The game has not only been a bestseller for iPhone, but also for Android devices. It is a popular game played by many and has also been featured in an ad for a Super Bowl commercial.

Such is the popularity of the game that it is believed to have changed the world of video games. According to Vesterbaka, mobile has become the center of gaming activity. New mobile games are developed every day. The gaming market is not where new things happen as smartphones have become center stage for gaming app development.

According to Vesterbacka, the iPhone has changed everything for the gaming business. Mobile game apps are easier to buy today. Updates and additions can be easily made to keep the game interesting and fresh.

In the old days, App Store had strict entry rules, although the system still doesn’t allow much freedom for developers, but things have comparatively changed from what they were before. Rovio had been in business since 2003 developing applications for various platforms. By allowing quality apps to emerge, Apple broke new ground without which ‘Angry Birds’ might not have made it as successful as it is today.

It seems that the iPhone revolutionized the world of video games. The mobile platform is where gaming trends are being defined. Mobile apps are manufactured and sold cheaply and are also readily available. Today’s generation wants easy entertainment and that is what portable devices offer them.

Most of the activity witnessed in the area of ​​iPhone app development has to do with gaming. The success of Angry Birds bodes well for emerging game developers, meaning the roads are open for more gaming sensations.

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