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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer More Than You Think

There are times when a real estate attorney is extremely helpful in managing the ownership of your property. Although many real estate transactions are handled through real estate agents, there are times when the knowledge base of these representatives is simply not adequate. Real estate agents typically attend training for less than a year, while lawyers must attend law school for four years after college. A lawyer’s extensive training gives them the ability to advise clients on a variety of topics.

Contracts are complicated documents, to say the least. The language in a real estate contract should be checked with a fine tooth comb. Even if a person carefully reads each word, some of the language can be quite confusing. For one thing, these documents are written in legal language, which is not something the average citizen has experience with. Furthermore, property sales are not only complex financial maneuvers, but also often involve emotional upheavals. When people buy or sell their homes, it can touch their hearts. It’s easy to miss something in a heavy legal document when you’re buying your dream home or selling a beloved home. A real estate attorney is a level head who can help clients navigate the rough waters of acquiring or launching a “home sweet home.”

Property boundary disputes are another area where having an experienced real estate attorney on your team is a huge advantage. Imagine you buy a cabin in the woods. With no fences and no nearby neighbors, you may feel like you’re the king or queen of the forest, that is, until a neighbor shows up claiming he’s inherited the land right behind his house. When conflicting claims arise regarding border lines, surveying, records verification, and an experienced speed dial attorney are necessary.

Renters and landlords also need guidance in the vast sea of ​​real estate negotiations. Both the landlord and the tenant have certain rights, and these rights vary from state to state. For example, in some states, the landlord must give a 48-hour notice before entering the property, or a 5-day notice if an eviction appears imminent due to nonpayment of rent. A tenant has a right to privacy in their rental space, provided certain stipulations are met. Sometimes misunderstandings happen and it takes a trained legal mind to resolve everything effectively. When it comes to a person’s home, whether the residence is owned, leased, or rented, the contractual language must be followed to the letter.

When a real estate attorney goes to school, they learn about property leases, purchases, and sales. Lessons on zoning, leases, eminent domain, and mortgages are also given. In addition to academic study in the classroom, attorneys gain valuable experience working in law offices and spending time in courtrooms. When the turning point in the world of property comes around, wouldn’t you rather seek the guidance of a professional who has trained for years than none at all?

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