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What is the difference between autofellatio, autocunnilingus and masturbation?

When one uses more “technical” terms to define sexual acts, we are sometimes forced to use words that are hardly common in most people’s everyday language. Which is a bit ironic, actually, since these “tech” words are often derived from much older languages. In this case, we will explore the meanings of autosexual masturbation.

Autosexual simply means that someone is using himself as a means of stimulating himself in a sexual way. Usually this occurs through what we call masturbation. This generally involves an individual using erotic thoughts or other visual / auditory aids to create a continuous state of arousal to bring the individual (hopefully) to orgasm. It is well known for its use to help people relieve pent-up stress, tension, and frustrations. Therefore, these masturbatory methods are not only useful in helping to satisfy some people’s sexual cravings by entering (and escaping) into creative sexual fantasies, but such techniques can also act as a catharsis to protect us from the everyday stress that it seems. be eating a lot of people alive.

Two modes of autosexuality are autofellatio and autocunnilingus. Again, these are more “technical” terms that many people are not really familiar with and that is why I would like to help define them:

Autofellatio simply means that it is a way in which the “I” performs “fellatio”. Since fellatio is the act of orally stimulating the penis, the “self” version of the word simply means that it is a masturbatory method in which the owner can orally stimulate his own penis. While such acts seem physically impossible, a quick internet search will reveal that many men possess this ability and can learn to engage in such exotic forms of autosexual stimulation.

For women we speak of autocunnilingus. This is the way a woman can perform cunnilingus on herself. Cunnilingus is the word we use to denote that the vulva (the outermost female genitalia) is orally stimulated by the owner of the genitalia. Again, while these techniques seem impossible to perform, it is apparent (with a little research) that many women can also perform such oral-based sexual acts on themselves.

In fact, these acts are not new to the world of sex. There are many relics left by our great ancestors that show such methods were employed. Before computers, cell phones, cars, airplanes, and electricity were available to us, our ancestors entertained themselves by studying nature and exploring their innate abilities to enjoy things like PLEASURE. This is why so many ancient cultures embraced sexuality to such a high degree: they studied, experienced and explored those natural feelings to tremendous and incredible degrees; and one begins to wonder whether or not those “hobbies” were more rewarding and rewarding than spending our time browsing the Internet, playing our new computer games, or watching television until the wee hours of the morning. In truth, there is some merit in the saying: “the best things in life are free.”

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