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Water-for-gas scam: Test results are causing people to reconsider as gas prices continue to rise

Gas prices are at an all time high and experts are predicting prices to top $4.00 per gallon very soon. People are spending twice as much on driving pumps as they were two years ago. These facts are causing people to look hard to find a way to save money on their monthly fuel costs. Hybrid cars are being sold in alarming numbers in major cities across the United States, leaving people who can’t afford these cars looking at the cheaper versions. Cars using these products are used throughout the country.

We belong to a group where everyone submits their results in alarming numbers. All reports show that vehicles made between 2002 and newer are experiencing a 20 to 30 percent increase in mileage with each tank. Vehicles that are older than 2002 are seeing increases of up to 70 percent. People are putting these products in all makes of cars and trucks. There are even reports of big rig trucks using these products and saving $200-$400 per week. These reported savings are helping families deal with rising fuel prices. We have yet to hear from people that these products are not saving users money on their fuel bills.

Fuel prices will never go down to where we like and being able to offset the price of fuel is a big plus for consumers who were willing to try these products. We are saving about $200 a month on fuel purchases at home. We have a toyota tundra, a kia mini van and a nissan altma. Our friends have a Ford truck and a Ford Explorer and they are saving more money than we are, but they also drive more miles than we do.

So if you’re tired of paying high gas prices, maybe you should explore ways to save on your monthly fuel bill.

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