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Top 5 Addictive Online Flash Miniclip Games

So, 2010 has been a huge year, especially for the gaming industry, with many new titles available and a bunch of brand new games in preparation for release this year in 2011.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 free online miniclip flash games that have risen to the top in the last year.

Starting at the bottom of the list…

5) Red lead 2

Red Driver 2 is an amazing 3D racing game with 4 different game modes. There’s a high score mode, a nitro speed mode, a crash test mode, and a cone capture mode! There are 3 stages including Miami, Bronx and Chinatown. Buckle up and get ready for extreme racing!

Red Driver 2 is a Burnout style racing game with many modes and tuning options available. With a total of 23 levels to complete, super 3D graphics, and loads of customizable features, this is one racing game you have to try!

4) Parkmaster 2

Fourth is another car game, but this time it’s parking, not racing! This year has seen a dramatic increase in parking games, and one of the best is from the Park Master series with Park Master 2.

Try to get a parking spot in this park game, train yourself to do the parking without crashing into anything and keeping your car in perfect condition. A car parking game that will test your parking skills. You will have to park your car as perfectly as possible in the parking space. Use your driving skills to complete each difficult parking mission. Watch out for sharp turns and small parking spaces as you maneuver through a busy lot, then find the tagged parking space before your time runs out.

Park Master 2 with its addictive gameplay and modern physics driving engine, tangled with its usual great graphics is what puts this game in fourth place on the list!

3) Bloons 4 tower defense

Another rise in these types of games is the Tower Defense series. The goal of the game is to protect your base from invading waves of enemies with mega turrets and weapons. At the top of the list for this is Bloons Tower Defense 4, which features improved graphics, many new and old style tower types, and tons of upgrades for each tower.

With loads of tracks, the ability to save games as you go, new career mode, sandbox mode and deadly apocalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you nearly unlimited replay value.

2) SAS Zombie Assault 2

Zombie Assault games are well known all over the world, and it is simply because they are the best at what they do. After successfully completing the first mission, our hero is now sent to an abandoned military camp, again overrun by zombies. With more firepower, ranks, and skills to unlock this time around, you shouldn’t have a problem…

With great graphics, better gameplay, new maps, and best of all, new weapons! That’s why SAS Zombie Assault stands above all other Zombie-style games.

1) Elite Snipers

At the top, first of all, is… The Elite Sniper! This realistic graphic sniper mini clip flash game is one of the best sniper shooting games out there today.

Use your Sniper Scope and in the different places sweep the enemies one by one without activating any alarm. Shoot bad guys and earn sweet money. Join the ranks of Elite Snipers by mastering micro puzzles, timing and aiming in a huge sniping world.

And that concludes our list of the 5 best flash games! See you next time.

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