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Principles and Practice of Self-Delivering Ministering

Knowledge of the revelation (of war) is necessary because it is the principle behind the practical liberation you seek. You must know the principles or the knowledge of the revelation before the practice takes place in your inner mind. You can only hold what your mind settles into your subconscious awareness. To be forewarned is to be forewarned. Most churches don’t teach this way, yet this is what people experience on a daily basis. Even most prayer warriors are not trained in the principles and practices of strategic directed warfare. Don’t think you don’t need it because you can be the light of your family. You need to deliver to others after your own delivery is complete. If this has been going on for a while, then the sooner you start, the better.

Here is what you need to know to engage in strategic and directed warfare:
1. know your enemy (it is the first law of spiritual battle or any war).
2. Understand the blood covenant with Jesus Christ.
3. Know who you are, who is in you and whose authority you have.
4. Understand the difference between spiritual bondage and supernatural freedom.

Spiritual warfare is not just binding the devil or demons; It is working and walking in the light of the word of God and obedience to our commander in chief, Jesus Christ. Avenge the devil’s disobedience when your own obedience is complete. Therefore, if you live in hidden sin, you cannot be victorious.

The spiritual battle and facing the enemy is about enforcing the victory of Jesus and the defeat of satan.

You are an occupation soldier enforcing victory and post war treaty so that the enemy cannot rise again. You must know five cardinal principles:

The War—Spiritual battle is never against physical human beings of flesh, bone, and blood. Know and recognize the reality of the spiritual realm. Also that we are engaged in a constant war between good and evil; Christ and satan; light and darkness; captivity and freedom; ignorance and education.

The Warriors: blood-washed and blood-bought soldiers of the cross who impose victory over satan and his many demonic cohorts, as well as human agents.

The War Zone–Battlefield of the mind is an intrinsic factor, the family, the Church, the community (including satan’s depths in the ocean world) and the heavenlies.

Weapons—Not fleshly weapons, but spiritual. It’s about breaking down strongholds. The authority in the name of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Anointing and Word of God that is the sword of the spirit.

The winning strategies: victory is already assured before entering. It implies the role of the occupying army in coordinating the plan, tactics, techniques and technology, putting everything into consideration to ensure victory.

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