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Pontiac, Toyota Bags Award at the Chicago Auto Show

In connection with the ongoing 2007 Chicago Auto Show, Consumer Guide Automotive honored the Pontiac G8 and Toyota Highlander as the winners of its Most Significant New Introduction Awards. This is only the second year for the award, and yet it is highly valued in automotive circles.

The reverence given to the award is due to the fact that Consumer Guide Automotive has been a part of the automotive industry for more than 35 years. Throughout their long history, the leading source for new and used car reviews has proven time and time again that they are the best at what they do. And this year’s awards will no doubt be a huge boost to the popularity of the two recognized vehicles.

Kirk Bell, the associate editor of Consumer Guide Automotive, described the goal of the awarding body in awarding the award. “With so many factors to consider, car shopping can be an overwhelmingly confusing experience. By naming the top new car and truck introductions, we help car buyers around the world identify vehicles worth considering. Visitors to the nation’s premier consumer show here in Chicago can see the featured vehicles firsthand.”

In fact, these vehicles stand out among many other cars on display at the Chicago Auto Show, just like the rear-wheel drive Pontiac G8. The full-size sedan shown at this year’s Chicago Auto Show is just a prototype, however, most of the features and specifications it has today will also be present in the mass-produced version of the car. The car is configured as a rear-wheel drive, but its performance is of a high caliber, thanks to the efforts of Australia-based GM’s Holden division in developing the Pontiac G8 design. The performance car exhibits some of the exterior styling of the Pontiac GTO and not the classic design. In fact, it has that of the last GTO that was discontinued again this year.

The Toyota Highlander, a midsize SUV, is also making waves in that segment. The sport utility vehicle was eligible for the award as it is a completely redesigned vehicle. Its only resemblance to current models available on the market is the vehicle’s one-piece folding rear seat. The latest model is loosely based on another award-winning Toyota car, the Camry, and is longer and wider than its predecessor. The latest Highlander model is four inches longer and three inches wider than the current model. The Highlander also comes in a hybrid version proving that even SUVs can be environmentally friendly and very fuel efficient too.

In choosing the winners, Consumer Guide only considered new cars or completely redesigned cars introduced at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. Consumer Guide has devised a point system to determine the winner in the car and truck categories. Each publisher assigns 25 points for all entries, but can only award up to ten points for a single vehicle. The vehicle with the most votes in both the car and truck segments is deemed the winner.

Toyota is the consecutive winner in the truck segment since the Toyota Tundra won the same award last year. The Tundra along with the Lexus 350 ES were the first winners of the awards.

The leading provider of new and used car reviews tests over 200 cars each year to provide its readers with the most useful information on new or used cars. Throughout its existence, the institution has served as a reservoir of automotive knowledge. In a way, they are like a Volvo master cylinder that stores brake or clutch fluid for immediate use when needed.

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