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Investing in Texas Farms, Ranches, and Recreational Game Properties – A Solid Investment

Texans have a deep-seated passion for hunting and wildlife-related outdoor recreation. According to a comprehensive report by a private economics and statistics firm, more than 6 million people participate in some form of wildlife-related recreation in Texas each year. Expenditures in pursuit of these outdoor activities generate more than $ 8.16 billion a year. The total economic impact on the Texas economy as a result of direct and indirect expenditures for outdoor recreation related to wildlife in Texas is $ 15.8 billion.

More than 94% of all land in Texas is privately owned, with very limited recreational hunting opportunities available on public lands. If you want to hunt in Texas, you must own your own hunting property, know someone who will do so and allow you to use their property, lease hunting rights, or hunt with a hunting supplier or guide. Quality hunting leases, vendors, and guides are increasingly difficult to find throughout the state of Texas, and the cost of these services has risen substantially in the last 10 years.

The Texas landscape is dynamic and rapidly changing. Population growth is expanding rapidly and encroaching on the surrounding suburban areas, while at the same time the Texas Agricultural Industry has experienced rapid and significant decline. This population growth is most significant in the major metropolitan areas of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Houston’s population alone exceeds 5,000,000 and is expected to grow to more than 8,000,000 by 2020. With the economic downturn in the agricultural industry, many homeowners are now forced to sell farm and ranch land that has been in the family for generations.

It has been said that “every change brings an opportunity.” The demand for quality recreational hunting land has seen a tremendous increase in the last 10 years and with a growing human population, that demand will only continue to increase. As more and more large ranches are divided and sold, the opportunities to invest in recreational hunting properties in Texas have never been better. Unimproved farm and ranch land in Texas is extremely affordable compared to land in other states. Wildlife habitat improvements and other improvements can be profitably completed on these lands, substantially increasing the value of these properties to recreational hunters. Properties can be sold outright for a profit to outdoor enthusiasts or used as income-generating investments by converting them into hunting clubs, hunting leases, or full-service guided hunting businesses.

There are a multitude of state, federal, and private grant programs available in Texas that provide funding for wildlife habitat restoration, improvement, and management that can greatly increase the value of recreational hunting property. That’s right, you can use other people’s money to increase the value of your Texas hunting property investment. How many other investments can that offer? Engaging the services of a professional who is knowledgeable in the development and management of recreational hunting lands, farms and ranches, and wildlife habitats can help ensure that you invest in the right property and make the most of the financing opportunities available. . When properly planned and implemented, investing in recreational hunting properties in Texas can be extremely profitable and profitable. As the old saying goes “buy land, they are not earning more.”

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