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How To Turn $6 Into $250 In 3 Flat Hours – The EASY Way To Make Amazing Money Online

What would your online business plan look like if you no longer needed to beg for business? How would it feel to NOT have to sell affiliate products, STOP having to do perpetual, mindless keyword research, and finally be able to stop searching for the perfect NICHE for you to start?

The truth is, if you’re smart, strategic, and serious about success…there’s a perennial and endless amount of profit right under your nose as you read this. And I’m going to give you the easiest way to get started, right below.

I’m going to ask you a favor before I do it.

Do not take my word for anything you read on this page. Instead, carefully consider the ideas below and put them through your own “BS” meter to see, feel, and intuit whether or not they make sense.

There’s nothing worse than reading endless nonsense about how “easy” it is to earn online, only to learn the hard way… that 99% or more of the strategies suck. (just like the goofy gurus who often recommend them 🙂

Now, I only have a little space here to lay this out, but this approach really IS incredibly easy, that almost everyone reading this can not only do it, but can literally try applying these ideas this very weekend. and be earning an income for the next week as well.

Step 1 is to look LOCAL. Where you live right now, there are plenty of professionals who have physical businesses in the real world, but do NOT have any online brands. You can easily verify this by going to local directories like Yelp, or niche-specific directories that cater to a particular niche, market, industry, or vertical. (such as real estate, insurance, construction, etc.)

Step 2 is to find 10 or 20 of these businesses and contact them by email or phone. (Email is fine if the phone feels too intimidating, but believe it or not, the phone still works better.) Tell them you’re a local online agency and web development marketing professional, and you noticed they don’t have a active blog or website for clients. clients or members of the community to visit.

If they have a BAD or outdated website, simply change your approach to say that you specialize in marketing makeovers in your local community. (remind them as often as possible that you live locally, as this can increase conversions by 20% or more)

Then go to themeforest or a similar template marketplace and put up an example homepage of the “coming soon” variety, complete with a newsletter signup button, social media contact info, a working contact form, etc. …all of which you can buy for under $10 and customize for any professional in under 3 hours. (note: you can actually do this step FIRST, just to have something live for demo purposes that they can see)

Lastly, register a tumblr domain as a blog to go with your example site/business and link to your landing page. This is the exact same setup that you will offer for them. (and it’s 100% free)

I did a test of one of these that cost $6, took me an hour to finish, and sent 20 emails that got 3 responses after just one day.

If you charge $250 for the setup above, for someone who has NOTHING and needs it, you are getting a bargain and a quantum improvement on your existing blog, brand, and online business.

Plus, of course, if you set it up to build your list by adding a newsletter or signup form, you also have a built-in back-end offering: relationship marketing or email automation that you can offer as a service.

You are really ONLY limited by your ideas and inspiration using this local marketing model, and the good news is that there will ALWAYS be more customers than you can possibly handle.

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