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How to make your ex jealous and want you back in seven days or less: covert psychological tricks

Do you want to know how to make your ex jealous and want you to come back in seven days or less? Do you still have feelings for your ex?

I know and understand how you feel. I, too, went through a devastating breakup. I loved my girlfriend deeply and as our relationship approached our first anniversary, she broke up with me.

The moment he broke up with me, all hell broke loose. I was devastated and depressed.

I begged and begged her to accept me again, but she wouldn’t move. He didn’t even return my calls.

But then I came across something very interesting.

And I put into practice everything they told me.

You know what? I got my ex back.

If I can get my ex back, you can too if you follow the instructions I’m going to give you.

With that said, here are three covert psychological tricks to make your ex jealous and want you to come back …

1. Write a handwritten letter tell your ex that you’ve moved on and feel like the breakup was the best thing for both of you.

This is important because it will put you at peace with your ex. Get on their side before you can withdraw them.

2. Reinvent yourself. This involves getting a makeover. If you have bad teeth, have it repaired. Get a new haircut and buy yourself new sexy outfits.

3. Pamper yourself at the SPA or take a day off and do what you love with your friends. Have fun and do whatever you can to make yourself desirable to the opposite sex.

Four. Date someone in your social circle that your ex doesn’t like. You could even go out with one of his friends. It doesn’t have to be a date.

Simple flirting will make your ex realize the sexual tension and make them jealous.

5. Be friendly with your ex. Your letter will make them more receptive to your approaches. Make friends with your ex and subtly flirt with your ex.

And at the same time, reveal your current relationship with the other person.

This will make your ex go crazy and jealous. This is the secret to making your ex jealous and wanting you to come back in seven days or less. The key is: Speed ​​of implementation. Implement what you learn as quickly as possible if you want results!

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