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Get to know the trendy bathroom remodel ideas for 2018

Compared to the past, kitchens and bathrooms have taken on a fresh aura and been given greater importance. In addition to the functional aspects, they must be stylish spaces, well decorated with tiles and adequate cabinets, appliances and lighting fixtures. Ventilation is important for health reasons, and art encourages the feel-good factor. The revamp sheds old designs and embraces new, smarter, faster technology. Homeowners now want to be free of grout and keep it clean. Less maintenance, easier with durable and affordable materials like porcelains. Cleaning up mold in the grout and recaulking are higher humidity headaches that the new generation wants to avoid.

The use of minimal maintenance products.

The younger generation is constantly finding easy fixes and will not accept hard maintenance. The house requires a lot of work and some things require little effort to take care of. New trends like walk-in showers with glass doors are certainly easier to maintain, which is why they are preferred in addition to aesthetic reasons. A walk-in shower without a door would also reduce maintenance and expenses. Is it necessary to have a tub in the master bathroom to match the new shower style?

Today, go for contemporary-style non-spray bathtubs! Why not go for the tub/shower combination? Large mosaics create the illusion of a larger space. Vanities installed above the floor surface on the wall also create larger dimensions.

A world of attractive metal luminaires

Sleek metal bathroom fixtures of elegant faucets, showerheads and faucets liven up the space and lift your spirits every morning and before bed. Fashionable designs and a range of colors and shades in silver and gold can be found in chrome and bronze along with brushed nickel.

wonderful flooring materials

Porcelain and ceramic tiles for floors have always been in fashion and still are today, available in a wide variety and with finishes that imitate natural stone and wood. Luxury vinyl is also becoming popular and costs are coming down due to competition. Once used only in commercial locations, vinyl is now being installed in homes.

fairytale countertops

Do you fancy glass and marble, quartz and granite?

the home spa

Taking a minimalist approach, the idea of ​​a home spa is a wonderful thought for a home owner. Pastels and neutrals are the usual colors for a restful bathroom. Establish a tidy environment and prepare for a great experience.

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