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Cell Phone Cameras to the Rescue

With the introduction of the cell phone camera, a new way of capturing memories and special moments became possible. Everyone today has a cell phone with a built-in digital camera. You always carry it with you wherever you go. They are small, compact and easy to transport.

They have become a necessary extension of ourselves, as we carry them with us all the time. Now you can take pictures of every aspect of your life. The downside is that it can be used to humiliate someone and that’s not nice. Never capture anyone against their wishes and eliminate anyone who could cause embarrassment.

They give the professional photographer the convenience of capturing that spontaneous moment when their team is not with them. The ability to wirelessly send photos from one cell phone to another is another reason why they are so popular. If you bought a cell phone with a built-in blue chip device and your computer has the same, you can charge them wirelessly.

My daughter who lives in Australia often emails me pictures of my grandchildren. She helps me see them grow even though they are many miles away. Digital technology is wonderful.

At parties, sporting events, weddings and special occasions, it allows you to capture images that will always be remembered without the hassle of having to remember to bring your camera to those occasions.

Typical features of new cell phone cameras are higher quality photos, more storage memory, water resistance, better zoom function, red-eye reduction and flash capabilities. It has been said that it is one of the most practical gadgets of modern technology.

Never before has modern technology been so accessible and open to everyone. Over time they will develop new features that will surprise us even more. Remember that those perfect moments are always just a click away.

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