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car insurance in india

After buying a car with your hard-earned money, having to also pay for repairs with your hard-earned money can be quite heartbreaking. It can also have quite an adverse effect on your wallet and savings. In India, however, it is mandatory to have a third party insurance policy on your vehicle. This means that the insurance policy will take care of any damage caused to the car by a third party, and will not cover any damage caused by the owner himself. While this is the mandatory insurance required, many people prefer to get a comprehensive plan for their car as this gives them better car insurance coverage. Regardless of the type of policy you choose, you must ensure that you have a working policy on the vehicle at all times, which is a necessity under the Vehicle Act.

Once you have a policy, you will need to pay a car insurance premium and you will be insured for a certain amount. The amount of coverage you get from your car insurance depends on a large number of factors. The first thing you look at is the car make and model. The type of policy you’re looking for, as well as the anti-theft devices you already use, will also be considered when discussing coverage. Applicants’ driving history, age and gender are also important factors taken into account.

Because it’s mandatory, various insurance companies offer a host of different types of policies to help you insure your car. These companies have also made things easy by creating great websites that allow people to check their policies online. People looking to insure their car can simply call an insurance company, and then they will send an employee to the applicants home to look at the car and take pictures, after which they will hit a certain amount of premium and amount of insurance. sure. Once that’s done, you can even pay for your car insurance online, saving you the hassle of physically going to the insurance company’s office. You can make the payment through online banking or debit and credit cards, and as soon as the payment is made, a copy of the policy is sent to you by email that you must print and have in the car at all times. It’s important to remember to renew your policy every year, and this can also be done online with the click of a few buttons.

By law, you’re required to have insurance on your car, but it’s also sensible, so always remember to check out a few policies before selecting one.

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