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Buy The Collection of Kanye Poster Albums Here

Collection of Kanye Poster

Kanye West has been a major force in the hip hop and R&B music of the late 1990s, with his singles “Hit Me One More Time” and “Xxplosive” earning him critical acclaim. As his fame grew, he began to work with Jay-Z, helping to create the Nasty Little Man record that included a collaboration with Pharrell Williams called “Touch of Evil.” Then he decided to move into music full time, recording only solo albums like Late Registration and The College Dropout. His self titled debut album, Late Registration, was more successful than any of his prior albums, selling nearly twice as much as Jay-Z’s Nothing Beats and selling even more than his previous album The College Dropout. While his solo work was critically acclaimed, it failed to match his success with the assistance of Jay Z, whose production was undeniable. Kanye West has since worked with several other recording artists including Big Daddy Kane, Pharrell, and Damon Dash, but his most popular and enduring collaboration is with Big Daddy Kane.

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Although Kanye West’s singles and production work on Late Registration was impressive, it was marred by numerous injuries. First, he broke his leg while playing basketball, forcing him to prematurely quit the sport. Then, in 1996 he underwent shoulder surgery, necessitating another set of Lariats. Finally, in 1998 he underwent spinal surgery, which sidelined him for the remainder of that year and the next. While these circumstances may have diminished his music sales, they have also made West an industry icon.

The enduring popularity of Kanye West comes from his consistent use of the ” Kanye West” persona in all of his albums and singles. Even when West does release solo material, it is always evident that he is referencing the Kanye West character in some form or another. This branding of himself as a character is what helps to make his music so beloved. The Kim Dynasty Tour, his second major release, was heavily promoted as a monument to West’s artistic vision. Using the name Kanye West, the concerts featured a string of songs revolving around the one character that everybody recognizes. As well, various “Kanye West” inspired imagery was used throughout the set.

Buy The Collection of Kanye Poster Albums Here

In addition to his persona and his celebrated singles, West has also written and produced a number of well received studio albums. His most popular and long lasting contribution to the industry came with the Kanye West Featuring Rihanna album. Considered by many to be the greatest album of all time, the album was successful because of its star-studded lineup featuring Rihanna, herself, Chris Brown, and Biggie Smalls. Unlike many other popular rappers who have managed to maintain longevity despite their star-making careers, West was able to maintain popularity even after leaving the band. With all of these great accomplishments to his credit, you can understand why West remains a staple of pop culture and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

Even if West has not released an album since his untimely death from a drug overdose, he has still made a number of memorable appearances through live shows. From his ” tragically dying” appearance on Oprah to his poignant funeral tribute to his mother and grandmother onstage, West has proven that he is still a major force in music. As well, through the use of recovered music files, some of which were recovered from the sessions that were dismantled years ago when West was attempting to complete The Dynasty: Roc La Familia album, West has given fans a peek into the creative process that goes into making a West album. Through recovering songs, you can get a better idea of just how each verse is written and produced. If you enjoy watching the way artists choose which songs they will have performing on their upcoming tour, you will find the recovered songs online to be very interesting.

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