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Best places for Freebord

Freebording is about conquering asphalt and making concrete your own. No matter where you live, you can find some great Freebord races to shred. There are groups across the country and around the world (Germany and Australia really love the Freebord) with members ranging from beginners to advanced who are dedicated to discovering the best Freebord spots. Once you have mastered the Freebord, you might consider joining one. Until then …

Many of the places that skaters shred are also great places to break the Freebord. If you like freestyle, go to a skatepark. If you like shelling hills, find out where the longboarders hang. If you want to do a bit of flatness, go to the parking lots. Keep your eyes open because you can take your Freebord anywhere.

Freebording in your own backyard

The best place to start looking for great Freebord careers is in your own hometown. Take a look at the gradual hills with some length, long winding trails, especially in parks and city properties, even parking lots can offer an intrepid Freeborder a great run.

College campuses are also a great place to seek careers. There are often large strips of concrete or asphalt and areas dedicated to car-free zones, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught by a truck. Beware of trespassing laws and campus security, as they could quickly end your career at Freebord.

The key is to match the terrain to your skill level. You don’t want to go bomb a slope the first day you get your Freebord, trust me.

Branches out in the United States

Freeborders are great. When they find a relaxed trip, most of the time they post videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Sometimes they blog about it. We’ve taken a look at some of the best Freebord races in America and created a few to get you started if you think you’re ready to go home.

  • Bascom Hill, Madison, WI – It’s fast, frantic, and a bit gnarly (watch out for the bumps or you’ll eat it!), Perfect for the intermediate or advanced Freebord pilot.
  • Observatory Dr., Madison, WI – Observatory Dr. to Park St. offers a long, winding hill with smooth pavement, perfect for that long, smooth ride for someone just steps away from being a beginner. Beware of the buses!
  • N. Breese Terrace, Madison, WI – Right next to Camp Randal, this wide, smooth hill gives intermediate riders excellent Freebord ride with no hassle.
  • Parkside Road, New London, NH – A nice mix of gentle hills and flat slopes. Perfect for shredding and other intermediate aerial tricks. For a more advanced run, try the hill next to the Hannaford supermarket.
  • Mount Baldy, CA – A fairly gentle hill with some really sharp turns that will keep you on your toes (or on your back). Good for intermediate level Freeborders.
  • Santa Barbra, CA – This city is full of a wide range of hills, from the softest to the most twisted. Whatever your skill level, you will definitely find something here worth riding.
  • Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State University, FL – This indoor race is a lot like driving a parking lot without traffic. Make sure you are aware of campus skateboarding / Freeboarding regulations and always wear a helmet!

Get in the game

If you want to find the best Freebord races in your area, go online. Facebook and MySpace are great places to find groups dedicated to Freebording and YouTube will bring you tons of epic racing videos. Stay tuned here too because we will post some of the best videos for you to study.

The most important part of finding a good career on Freebord is using your imagination. Don’t just see the sidewalk or the street, or the park path, see it as a snow-covered slope and make it your own.

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