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A guide to patios and sliding doors

Planning to buy sliding doors and not sure if you should go for patio or sliding doors? If so, we can help you. The basic difference between a patio door and a sliding door is that a patio door swings while a sliding door slides. Typically, a sliding door features a matching panel and a sliding panel. The corresponding panel slides into the lower and upper tracks. On the other hand, a patio door is a pair of doors and has a fixed panel and a hinged panel. Depending on the type you want to buy, it will move outward or inward. Let’s find out more about this.

Patio doors are sometimes also referred to as French doors. They have a couple of patio doors that open on opposite sides. When opened, they show a grand entrance. Patio doors and sliders are typically purchased as a complete system, including thresholds, jambs, and other essential weatherstripping. To save energy, they tend to interlock.

Not all patio doors are designed for outdoor use. The purpose of the interior type is to link one room to another. They separate one room from another when they are closed and offer access to the rooms when they are open.

Single or multiple glass panes

True French doors feature multiple panes of glass divided by wooden studs. The crystals are built separately. In other words, if you order one with 10 wooden doors, they will build it with 10 individual panels and the panels will be inserted independently.

If you want, you can go for this type, but most vendors sell panels with fake split panels. They feature snap-on wood grilles and look very beautiful. However, the cost of making them is lower. Also, they are easier to clean compared to true split panels.

Many types of grids feature a grid of panels in pairs of 6, 8, or 10, for example. The grid is evenly spaced. Other types have panels that are horizontal panels, and may be numbered 4, 5, or 6. You can also find grill configurations that feature different styles.

The size

As for the width of the doors, you will see that most of them are 60 inches wide and 60 inches high. If you want to order some with different measurements, you may have to be willing to pay a lot more.

Typically the thickness of these doors is 1 ¾ or 1 3/8 inches. Aside from the conventional height of 6 feet 8 inches, you can also find some that are 6 feet 11 inches tall and up to 8 feet wide.

Also, some doors have windows on the side panels and some have windows on the top.

So if you are looking for sliding doors that meet your needs, you may want to reread this article to equip yourself with the type you really want. I hope this helps.

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