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A Blonde View of Life – A book of excellent humor in poetry at its finest!

This is what I classify as a fun and light-hearted book of poetry. It is full of humor and is written by a wonderful blonde who jokes about herself. Daveda Gruber, is a sensational author and poet of many volumes of poetry. She is beautiful, witty and full of charm, which will become very apparent when reading this excellent volume of poetry, “A blonde view of life.”

Daveda begins the book with an outstanding poem, “A yellow rose”,written in quatrain format. She speaks highly of meeting her husband, Sonny, who is from Pennsylvania, when he traveled to Montreal, Canada, to meet her for the first time.

You will laugh out loud as you read his series of poems, “Gym Bag on Fire” about buying underwear for her ex-husband, Jerry, who is a lawyer. Apparently, he had left his gym bag on the stove with an array of underwear inside of it and the bag burned to ash. The irony is that she had to buy him several new sets of American underwear, while she was accompanied by her now-husband, Sonny, next to her in her store. HA! This is really a funny poem.

As you read, take a look at his poem, “A blonde moment.”It will have you in stitches of laughter. In the last verse she says, “I’m a dumb blonde, honey; it seems Jerry still owes me money (referring to her ex-husband, her lawyer).”

His articulation and personification of inanimate objects will set you in motion in the following poems: “I am a jockstrap”, “Life as a thong”, “I am a sock”, “I am a bra”, and others. She brings these non-life garments to life in her poems as she tells detailed stories with vivid imagery.

Reading about famous people is like a “Who’s Who in American society.” Catch her with these famous people: President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary; John Lennon, the singer, and his wife, Yoko Ono; Oprah Winfrey (talk show host); Scotty from Star Wars, toasting her; and Tiger Wood, the professional golfer. Don’t forget that she is also an avid golfer; so if you’re on the golf course and hear someone yell “Go,” don’t forget to take cover. Also, she’s a Scorpio; so take some bug juice with you. Ha ha! It’s so much fun writing about my dear friend and poet.

Daveda pays tribute to her dear and precious mother, who still resides in Montreal, Canada, in the following poems: “July ninth or tenth”, regarding your exact date of birth, and “Happy Mother’s Day” in the form of a quatrain for the first and a double ethereal poem for the second. He also pays homage to her sisters in “Three Ballerinas”. They are really cute!

She uses the rhyming couplet form to place her loving husband, Sonny, in the spotlight. Also, her use of the Epigram form is very clever in articulating the essence of her love. Don’t forget the fluffy brown poodle pup, “Lady Godiva,” I bet she eats dark chocolate candies.

Daveda talks about her breasts in a humorous way with a series of poems. She refers to how she underwent a breast reduction and how her breasts grew back to become magnets for men’s eyes. This is a very fun and humorous section.

It has a variety of images in the book, making the pages eye-catching. Several of the pictures show the beauty of her, husband, mother, sisters and many more. Several reasons also stand out.

Overall, this is an excellent volume of poetry written in a story format using a variety of poetry forms. It’s funny as poetry should be, intriguing and inspiring.

Getting and reading this book, “A Blonde View of Life,” should be a special treat. His website is: or

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